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Clara's Railroad Crossing - September 13, 1997

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We need to write to these people to e\tell them about the site and to ask them to put buttons on their page. Several people have more than one page we are linking to. If we sent them the URL of each link, we would end up with a lot more buttons. Can we account for this with rewording the letter - mentioning more than one link? Some are in several states like Would this mess up the mailing list? AK no email


AR no links!

AZ (lotsa of
Graphics - already sent mail:
|Prescott Prescott Form
-Grand Canyon railway (no e-mail)
Verde Canyon Excursion
Cheri Sicard -
CA | La Mesa Depot

should have more links for co.

CT (has nice graphics, not used by us yet.) (diff email/panix page) Leon Kanopka
Graphics page- already wrote:|

Smithsonian - file not found- tried to do a search- leave in for now. - many east coast links - Graphics - already wrote to:
Operation Lifesaver

below: his name is on the page, so I bet we wrote to him already. The copyright guy? (Tom Gears) another site below: (Leon Kanopka) (another Tom Gears site)


GA mailto: (no email)

another link.

IA (this link is now a 404) (again)
Graphics - already wrote:

ID- |
IL- |
IN (bounced 9/4/97)

KS- |
KY- |
LA- |
MA- |
MD- |
ME- |
MI Ross |
MN Hendricks |
MO- |
MS - |

NC- |
ND |
NE None, 9/2/97 |
NH None, 9/2/97 |
NJ None, 9/2/97 |
NV None, 9/2/97 |
NY None, 9/2/97 |
OH Cuyahoga Valley.
OK None, 9/2/97 |
OR None, 9/2/97 |
PA None, 9/2/97 |
RI None, 9/2/97 |
SC Winnsboro
SD None, 9/2/97 |
TN |
TX Texas Historical Commission |
UT None, 9/2/97 |
VA None, 9/2/97 |
VT None, 9/2/97 |
WA Toppinish Alan Woolf, |
WI None, 9/2/97 |
WV Cass |
WY Wyoming (Mike Molloy)