8-15-96 gifs & htmls

Hi Ross & Cindy- These are the photos that I thought would make good cards. The resolution here is very low to make them come up fast on the web pages. On the actual photos they are really crisp.

interior1.jpg - vertical interior shot of Clara's Lansing. Notice all the tables got lit up this time. The original photo is a lot better!

outside2.jpg - vertical exterior shot of Clara's on the River - very blue sky

outside3.jpg - nice horizontal view of Clara's on the River, except for a little glare. Could be touched up or reshot.

river1.jpg - nice view of COTR from the bridge, showing the river

walkthr57.html - Outside Clara's on the River

walkthr56.html - Battle Creek bar

I got some nice pictures of Claras Train Station last Saturday morning. (no cars.) But I think late afternoon shots would be better. I snay afternoon slow enought to rope off the front? We could watch the weather...

Here are some new ones from COTR. there are lots more.

pationite1.jpg The patio at night. a vertical view. best shot

pationite2.jpg - horizontal view. also nice.

ladieswait.jpg - ladies waiting room, maybe shoot agai and light the fire.

fabricday.jpg - The Fabric room in the daylight. this would be a nice postcard.

I think the bear (Lansing) and the carousal horse (Battle Creek) might also be popular cards.

These are new pages coming up. They will be linked to the Lansing history & the walk-thru and a few at the bottom for details for the Battle Creek History: I still need to add a lot more words and links.

lanwalk44.html - Alcove chandelier

lanwalk45.html - Lounge chandelier

lanwalk46.html - Bartender - Lansing - This might also be a nice card with a catchy phrase.

lanwalk47.html - Bear - nice card possibility

lanwalk48.html - Beer of the Month

lanwalk49.html - Bison

lanwalk50.html - Cabernet

lanwalk51.html - Circus Decoration

lanwalk52.html - Departing Clara's Lansing Station

lanwalk53.html - Going downstairs from the Balcony

lanwalk54.html - Elk

lanwalk55.html - fireplace Room

lanwalk56.html - Gargoyle Lamp

lanwalk57.html - Mudslide

lanwalk58.html - Who's in the Office? (Cindy)

lanwalk59.html - Close-up of the Office

lanwalk60.html - Lansing Patio

lanwalk61.html - SeaBreeze

lanwalk62.html - Going up the stairs

lanwalk63.html - Strawberry daquiri

lanwalk64.html - Turrets & Arches

walkthr50.html - Heads up in the Tower Room

walkthr51.html - Chandeliers in the Foyer

walkthr52.html - The Fabric Ceiling Room

walkthr53.html - Display Case with Cereal

walkthr54.html - Bradley Hubbard Lantern

walkthr55.html - Ticket Window in Tower Room